10 Best Restaurants in Ilorin – Nigeria

10 Best Restaurants in Ilorin – Nigeria

If you’re in Ilorin and looking to have a good bite of your favorite meal, you can trust our list of the ten best restaurants in Ilorin. Ilorin is the capital city of Kwara State, a small town – and just a few drives around, you’d find a restaurant.

Some of these restaurants hire excellent chefs from other Nigerian states, and the difference is in the taste of their meals and how it is being served. Plus, they have excellent customer service.

So for our needs, here are the ten best restaurants in Ilorin:


This restaurant has a lovely interior decor. For not so pricey food, this is one of the best restaurants in Ilorin. Bukatee is situated at Ahmadu Bello Way, GRA, which is a very serene place. The roads in this area have minimal transit. You won’t have a hard time finding the restaurant because it’s by the roadside.

The restaurant has a large parking space. You do not have to worry about a car blocking yours. There are local and continental dishes. More so, their staffs are very responsive and courteous. They also play several collections of cool music for customers’ satisfaction. And we know music to influence choice and intake of food.

African Pot

This restaurant is also located at Ahmadu Bello way, and it’s just a few meters away from Bukatee. It’s like a mini version of Bukatee and very suitable for those who worry a little about space. They specialize in African Delicacies. Their method of serving foods is also cool, and the setting here is calm, and their meals are affordable.

Aroma Palace

If you enjoy having a view of the outside world while eating, then aroma is the place for you.

Apart from having an orderly arrangement of seats, they also have some seats placed beside transparent glasses, which gives you a view of the outside world while eating.

The meals are well made, both local and continental. They also offer a variety of snacks to munch on and drink.

Aroma Palace is located at unity road, which is one of the busiest places in Ilorin. It doesn’t offer enough serenity, but their meals are just too delicious to pass off.

They also have ample parking space – being one of the best restaurants in Ilorin, this is something they must have thought about thoroughly.

Captain Cook Restaurant and Bakery

Captain cook is more popular for baking bread, but their meals are also delicious. They offer basic meals like boiled plantains with eggs.

Captain Cook is slightly economical with their price, and this is because they offer only fast foods. Their parking lot is also very spacious. At their entrance, there is a place accessible for wheelchairs.

Captain Cook is located at unity road just opposite Aroma Palace.

Item 7 Takeaway Restaurant

On this list, this is the most economical restaurant. With a few bucks, you can get a decent meal – and these meals are well prepared and delicious.

They only offer rice and chicken, rice and beef, rice, and fish. You can order for garnishes like coleslaw at an affordable price, alongside a variety of drinks.

As part of the name suggests, you order your meals and leave. They don’t offer you seats, though they provide home deliveries. There is also a bike stop at the front of the restaurant for easy transit.

Item 7 is located at Tanke oke-odo area Ilorin, which is a very busy area. It’s not a go-to place if you want to order and get your food quickly. This is because you may have to wait in the queue for your turn.

 Edibles Restaurant

This restaurant is at Palms malls – Fate Road. This area is serene with an easy flow of traffic.

This is one of the best restaurants in Ilorin if you want Chinese meals. It has the amplest parking space. There is an air of coziness suitable for dates.

They serve their local and intercontinental dishes on separate counters. There are also eating cubicles suitable for groups.

You can’t order alcohol; you can only order food and beverages. Their Chinese meals are delicious and worth trying out.

The Commodores Cafe and Grill

This restaurant is at Yoruba road, which is a slightly clumsy area. But the restaurant is an excellent place to relax with friends and family. It’s a very cozy place, with inspiring paintings – you will find several pictures and paintings on the wall. There are also artifacts, and most are ocean-related.

They offer a variety of cuisines. Once you place your order, you get served in a few minutes.

The sitting area is very comfortable. If you’re a sports fan, there is a large projector screen that makes television viewing more enjoyable.

Their customer service is top-notch. Nightlife at The Commodores is very blissful. It’s one of the best restaurants in Ilorin, and you’ll surely love the artistic nature of the place.

Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic is located in the calm area of challenge road, Ilorin. They offer a variety of meals and different snacks.

Severally, people have criticized their customer service for not being up to par, but their culinary is very good.

Our Garden Restaurant and Bar

Our Garden Restaurant and Bar is located in a commercial hub in Ilorin – though a very serene environment. The nightlife here is loud, and there is the issue of the parking lot getting filled. So if you’re looking for relaxation, visiting there in mid-day is preferable.

Our Garden offers three services: Chinese meals, just like in a standard Chinese restaurant, local meals which are exclusive, and a bar.

For an outdoor experience, you can order and have your meals served under a thatch roof. They organize their seats in a way that leaves enough space around.

Chronicles Restaurant and Karaoke Bars

There is more freedom of choice for customers in this restaurant. There are halal foods, kids menu, late-night foods – all you can eat. Also, their dining option includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

They also offer home delivery services.


As you have read, these are the ten best restaurants in Ilorin that you can get good food, pleasant relaxation, and most of them boast of excellent customer services. If you’re in Ilorin or looking to visit Ilorin, you can visit any of these restaurants to get a first-hand experience of their tasty meals and other services. Certainly, you’d satisfy your craving!