10 Popular African Breakfast Food Ideas

Are you an African food enthusiast running short of breakfast ideas? It happens to everyone—sometimes we’re left wondering what to eat for breakfast, perhaps because we’re tired of revolving around the same kinds of diets, week in, week out. Of course, breakfast is an important meal we cannot afford to skip, as studies have rightly confirmed. So, if you’re looking for African breakfast food ideas, we’ve provided some popular meals in Africa that are mostly served for breakfast.

What is a typical breakfast food in Africa? All over the world, different tribes adopt diets that serve as breakfast; the same applies to Africa. Here are some breakfast ideas in Africa:

  • Pap and Akara
  • Chai Tea and Mandazi
  • Boerewors
  • Bread and Tea
  • Yam and Egg Sauce, etc.

Breakfast ideas vary from continent to continent all over the world. In Africa, the diets here consist mainly of native African foods. If you would love to learn more about African breakfast foods ideas, we’ve discussed below the ten popular ones across the different African countries.

The 10 Popular African Breakfast Food Ideas

1. Pap and Akara

African Breakfast Foods Ideas - Pap and Akara
Image: Wikipedia

This is a popular go-to breakfast in Nigerian homes, especially on the weekends. Pap is made from processed corn starch, which can either be yellow or white. It is prepared by adding boiled water to a pap mixture to achieve a light liquid thickness. Sugar and milk are usually added for taste. Akara, on the other hand, is gotten from the blend of peeled fermented beans with spices like onions, pepper, crayfish, etc. It is fried with either palm oil or vegetable oil. Pap is also called ogi, Akamu, or Koko in different parts of Nigeria. Akara is also found in Ghana and Sierra Leone cuisine, and it is usually called Koose. It is also found in the Brazilian diet, where it is known as Acaraje.

2. Chai Tea and Mandazi

Chai Tea and Mandazi
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This breakfast idea is a favorite of East African countries. It is usually eaten in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. And each of these countries have added their twist to this food. Mandazi or “African doughnut” is a sweet fried dough that contains ground cardamom seeds and coconut milk. Mandazi is usually served with chai tea. Chai tea is an Indian tea with healthy, infused spices. The ratio of the spices depends on the country’s recipe involved.

3. Boerewors

African Breakfast Foods Ideas - Boerewors
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This breakfast meal is native to South Africans. It is a type of sausage and an important part of South African cuisine. It contains about 90% coarsely ground meat (beef, lamb, pork) and 10% spices, seasonings and preservatives. Boerewors is grilled in a spiral form and mostly served with Polenta, a traditional South African Porridge. It can also go with scrambled eggs or bread. Although peculiar to South Africa, Boerewors is also popular in Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

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4. Bread and Tea

African breakfast ideas
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This is one of the easiest breakfast to prepare in very little time. Although of English origin, this meal now cuts across all African countries. As you probably know, bread is made from a dough that consists of flour, eggs, yeast, salt, etc. Tea in African society can be a mixture of chocolate drinks and milk, coffee, infused tea, etc. if you want to spice things up, you can lace your bread with spreads like butter, peanut butter, jam, chocolate spread, etc. Another way to have your bread and tea is with scrambled eggs or peppered stew. If you are looking for an easy but enjoyable breakfast, this combination is for you.

5. Pancakes

Breakfast Ideas
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Pancakes are a staple food that cuts across every cuisine globally. The basic ingredients of pancakes are flour, sugar, and eggs, but every country adds its twist to it depending on the available ingredients. In Africa, pancakes are usually made with a fusion of some African vegetables like onions, tomatoes, and pepper. Herbs and spices are also added to make it spicy and tasty. As you may know, Africans like their food spicy.

6. Yam and Egg Sauce

Breakfast Ideas - Yam and Egg Sauce
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Yam and egg sauce is an important breakfast staple in Nigerian homes. It is a root crop that is cooked to become edible, although it can also be fried or roasted. When cooking yam, salt is usually added to modify its plain taste. Egg sauce is made from whisked eggs, vegetables (tomato, pepper, onions, carrots, etc.) and spices. These ingredients are sautéed in hot vegetable oil. Yam and eggs can also go with hot chocolate drinks.

7. Kenkey

Breakfast Foods - Kenkey
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This is a Ghanaian breakfast food, and it is known as Dorkunu or Komi by the Ga and Fante tribe in Ghana. It is a multi-functional dish and can also be eaten for lunch and dinner. It is made from fermented white corn and mostly served with peppered sauce and fish. This dish is a key component of the Ghanaian cuisine that a special day is set aside in the year to celebrate it. If you get to attend the Kenkey festival, you can have Kenkey in different ways with different side dishes. Apart from Ghana, other African countries that eat Kenkey are Cote d’Ivoire, Togo Jamaica, and Nigeria.

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8. Tom Brown Ghana (Roasted Maize Porridge)

Tom Brown Ghana
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This breakfast idea is common to the Ghanaians. Tom Brown is a mixture of milled roasted corn, groundnut, roasted maize and soybeans and gets its name from its look after these items are mixed. It is made the same way as pap (akamu). It is prepared to have a thick consistency and is mixed with milk and sugar to give it a sweet taste. Tom brown can be eaten alone or with bread and eggs. Asides Ghana, tom brown, is also eaten in Nigeria and even advised to be given to children.

9. Ful Medames

African Breakfast Foods Ideas - Ful Medames
Image: Flickr.com

Ful Medames or just Ful is a breakfast food native to the Egyptians. It is a dish of cooked fava beans garnished with vegetable oil, cumin, and optionally with garlic, chopped parsley, onions, garlic, lemon juice, eggs, and other vegetables and spices. Asides Egypt, Ful Medames, can also be found in the cuisines of several African countries like Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, etc.

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10. Chips Mayai (French Fries Omelet)

Chips Mayai
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Chip Mayai is an omelet that has French fries as its base. The French fries are firstly fried in vegetable oil until they are crisp and crunchy, and then the whisked eggs are poured into the pan. Chips Mayai can be eaten alone or served with a sauce. This breakfast idea is mostly found in the Tanzanian cuisine and is also called Zege.

Wrap Up

You’ve just read through the ten popular breakfast food ideas in Africa. These foods have spread across different African countries and are mostly eaten as breakfast. And the good thing is that they are quite easy to prepare. If you’ve been wondering what next to eat for breakfast, you can make a selection from the list.

Are you wondering how you can get any of these foods as you’re currently not based in Africa? It’s simple; many African restaurants in different parts of the world serve a variety of African foods. You can be lucky enough to find any of these breakfast ideas highlighted here. And on the one hand, you can get the ingredients and prepare the food yourself. Also, if you just feel like trying out new things, these breakfast ideas above are easy to make and would keep your taste buds itching for more.

Don’t forget—one of the essential tips for maintaining a healthy diet is never to skip breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast is an excellent way to start your day. So, never skip! If you’re out of ideas, this article is your go-to resource.

Got any other African breakfast idea? Let us know via the comment section!