10 Popular African Restaurants in Maryland

Sometimes, we want to head over to Google to search for terms like “restaurants near me”? At this time, you are probably looking for a nearby restaurant to satisfy your cravings. And if this happens to be in Maryland and you’re perhaps looking for African Restaurants, this article will point you to some of the best restaurants around.

There are several African restaurants in Maryland, especially in Baltimore, a major city in this state. Some of the top restaurants are Nando’s Peri Peri, Kingsway, Roger Miller Restaurant, and so on. You do find your preferred African meals in these restaurants.

So, let’s find out the African restaurants that offer good meals in Maryland.

Best African Restaurants in Maryland

Roger Miller Restaurant

Roger Miller is one of the reliable Africans in Maryland. Here, you do find Senegalese, Nigerian, Ghanaian, and several other meals from other African countries. Most of the foods they offer are popular daily meals in most African countries.

They also offer grilled meat which you can order alongside their goat pepper soup or their meatless pepper soup. They offer appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, side orders, African grill, vegetarian meals, seafood, and desserts on their menu.

If you are more of an outdoor person, you can opt for their outdoor seats arrangement. Roger Miller Restaurant is located at 941 Bonifant St, Silver Spring, MD.

Saviour African Food Restaurant

Saviour African Food Restaurant offers several West African delicacies—their menu is filled with popular Nigerian dishes. They offer varieties of traditional dishes, especially starchy foods with different types of African soups. You can also try out their tasty curry chicken and several other quick bites they offer. You will also find lovely seafood platters, and special meals if you want something different.

On their menu, you can order signature dishes, main dishes, appetizers, and side orders. This restaurant is situated at 3341 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD.

Nailah’s Kitchen

Nailah’s Kitchen offers traditional and contemporary Senegalese cuisine in a stylish dining room. This is one of the African restaurants in Maryland that you can trust if you’re looking for a place with class and also group-friendly.

They offer a fusion of African meals with several American foods. It’s their innovative way of bringing a new taste to their meals.

You will find lunch platters, dinner platters, sandwiches and burgers, rotisserie chicken, appetizers, oven-fresh pastries, dessert, side orders, and African drinks on their menu. Some of these meals have variations that are prepared with non-African ingredients.

Nailah’s Kitchen is at 5722 York Rd, Baltimore.

Suya Spot

This restaurant offers several African meals such as pepper soup, suya, and so on. Their meals are mostly quick bites, and they provide takeouts for those on the go. Treat your taste buds to shrimp suya, fish suya, beef or lamb suya, etc.

Apart from their tasty meals, the interior of this restaurant is great. It is designed in a casual but modern way. The walls are adorned with African paintings.

On their menu, you will find pepper soup with finger foods, sides, and main meals consisting of ayamase and varieties of suya.

Suya Spot is located at 10309 Grand Central Ave #104, Owings Mills, MD.

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Nando’s Peri Peri

This restaurant has a stylish interior, coupled with their excellent meals and overall good services. The restaurant has been operating since 1987, and it’s deeply rooted in South African Culture—their walls are adorned with a mix of old and new patterns with vibrant colors that are symbolic in South Africa. Nando’s Peri Peri is an excellent choice if you want to feel at home.

Their special ingredient is the African bird’s eye chili, also known as peri peri. It is used in almost all their meals, especially in their grilled chicken and sauces.

On their menu, you will find main meals, sandwiches & pizzas & wraps, appetizers, and sides. They also have a special menu for kids filled with African meals they will enjoy.

Nando’s Peri Peri is situated at 421 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD.


This is a casual restaurant with a very simple interior. Kingsway serves their meals on a counter. They offer a variety of African foods. Their menu has the Kingsway combo meals. These meals are traditional African dishes fused as one. You get to pick your choice of starchy meal, soup, and meat. They also offer Kingsway specials, which consist of modern African foods, and you also get to pick your choice of meat and other supplements you want.

You will also find pastries, rice meals, starchy meals, meat stews, and veggie stews on their menu. They also offer small chops as an appetizer.

Kingsway is located at 13919 Baltimore Ave, Laurel, MD.

Naija Cafe

Naija Cafe opened its doors in the state of Maryland in the year 2016. It’s a well-known restaurant in its local vicinity serving traditional tasty Nigerian cuisines. They make use of traditional recipes, so the taste of their meals is similar to how it tastes in Nigeria. This is one of the top African restaurants in Maryland that Nigerians can visit.

The highlight of their meals is Asun, a special dish made from slowly grilled goat meat with spices and lots of pepper. It’s usually served with special herbs.

Naija Cafe offers an array of Nigerian dishes. Appetizers, soups, combination platters/specials, sides, entrees, and unique dishes are some of the meals you will find on their menu. Each of these meals cuts across various ethnic groups.

This restaurant is located at 8319 Old Branch Ave Clinton, MD.

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Lawfem African Restaurant

Lawfem African Restaurant is a Nigerian restaurant that offers a variety of traditional and modern cuisine. Their meals are mostly starchy African foods with zesty soup. Jollof rice is one of their prominent meals. They also offer tasty suya, which they serve as an appetizer or a main meal, depending on how you want it.

This restaurant is very casual. It’s a great spot to have a meal with your family. Besides, they have a menu for kids. They also make cocktails if you want to have a drink after your meal.

This restaurant is located at 5621 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD.

Rahama African Restaurant

This is a well-known restaurant in the African community of Silver Spring. They serve authentic African cuisines, and the majority of meals are Ghanaian foods, both traditional and modern. You will find tasty banku and several other indigenous Ghanaian meals on their menu.

They offer a variety of main dishes comprising popular Ghanaian foods. They also offer some beverages. Rahama African Restaurant is located at 11454 Cherry Hill Rd, Silver Spring, MD.

Kuramo Restaurant

Kuramo Restaurant offers varieties of Nigerian cuisine. Most of their meals are staples in some Nigerian communities. At this restaurant, you can treat your taste buds to balls of puff puff and fried plantains, which they serve as an appetizer and a main meal. You can enjoy your meal with zobo, a drink made from a species of Hibiscus called Roselle that is native to West Africans.

You can also find sides, appetizers, soup & salad, and entrees. If you like to fuse meals, you can try out their Latino entrees with the African meals they offer.

You will find Kuramo Restaurant at 4917 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD.

African Restaurants in Maryland
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Wrap Up

New to Maryland and looking for the best African restaurant to satisfy your cravings? For whatever reasons you want to visit some of the top African restaurants in Maryland, this article already highlighted a couple of them for you.

Maryland is a great place for fishing. Lots of African restaurants are known for offering ethnic-based seafood alongside traditional and modern African staples. If you have visited any of these restaurants, we do love to know about your experience. Use the comment box for your feedback!