10 Top Restaurants to Get African Foods in Zurich

Are you an African in Zurich looking to satisfy your cravings with your traditional dishes? We have written this article to point you to some top restaurants you can have the best African foods in Zurich.

Are there African foods in Zurich? Yes, you can get African foods in this city. There are several restaurants owned by Africans, and these restaurants are usually styled the African way, through the addition of artworks and the way meals are served.

So, for your needs, here are some restaurants you can get tasty African meals in Zurich.

10 Top Restaurants to Get African Foods in Zurich

Queen Idia African Restaurant and Bar

Queen Idia is located at Badenerstrasse 125, Zurich. It is run by a mother and son. With their many years in the restaurant business, you can count on having a wonderful time here due to the professionalism and courteous manner of approach offered to customers.

You can request for your meal to be served with some variation to make it more Vegan. Whether you want to eat your lunch, dinner, or breakfast, African meals are always available. Afterward, visit their pub for some African wine to entice your taste buds.


Smood offers some of the most popular African foods in Zurich and several other cities, with delivery service to homes and offices. You can treat yourself to typical dishes like pastillas, couscous, Congolese chicken and so on. Their delivery service in Zurich is fast so your meal can be enjoyed hot.

However, their preparation method varies a bit. It has some additions, but still, your taste buds will be thrilled.

African Queen

The setting here is lovely and the interior decoration—though minimalist, but still appealing to the eyes. The staffs are great hosts if you ever want to take your family out to have wonderful African foods in Zurich.

Their meals are served in a more sophisticated way, though with a little variation from how Africans do it. And this actually improves the taste. Foods are served exotically, and this can have you request for more. However, only lunch and dinner are available here.

African Queen is located at Stampfenbachstrasse.

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African Taste Restaurant

African swallow delicacies are abundant here with excellently prepared sauce. You can also order for jollof rice and several other meals. However, it’s a relatively small restaurant, but big enough for you to have excellent meals with friends.

African Taste Restaurant is located at Kruggasse, Zürich–one of the serene part of Zurich. You will sure like the ambiance there.


This is an Ethiopian restaurant located at Birmensdorferstrasse, Zürich. On their menu are tasty vegetables, beef stews, and pastries. Their style of serving food is suitable for family or friends get-together. The restaurant is one of the few places to get African foods in Zurich that are kid-friendly.

Meskerem is spacious and great for family outings. Its interior design has a touch of Ethiopian style, which can make you feel at home. The setting is also what you’d consider; it gives you an excellent relaxation while you enjoy your meal.


Traditional and exotic African dishes are served here in a hot or cold buffet style. The foods served are mostly Madagascar cuisine. They are well prepared and have a variety of them. You can also get snacks, salads, cakes, as well as foods made specifically for kids.

The best part is in the fantastic human-made indoor forest surrounding the restaurant. There are several plants and animals to entertain your sight while enjoying your meal.

The restaurant also features a tower inside the hall. You can view the whole hall from the tower and as well feel the difference in humidity and temperature. The restaurant is built with comfort in mind. The car park, entrance, and seating are designed to meet users’ needs adequately. Wheelchairs can go through the entrance as well. 

Maosala is located at Zürichbergstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland.

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Restaurant Mesob

Restaurant Mesob is another unique Ethiopian restaurant to visit for African foods in Zurich. It is located at Rotachstrasse, Zürich. The meals served are well prepared and have the distinct taste of most local Ethiopian foods.

Complementing a meal with the local Ethiopian beer leaves you more refreshed than ever. Ethiopians mostly visit this restaurant, so if you find some meals too foreign, you can ask for recommendations on what to choose or simply have a friendly chat with them about their food.  


Habesha is one of the best places to get East African foods in Zurich. If you love beautiful decors, you’d find it in this restaurant, their interior is decorated with bright colors, to give customers a relaxing feeling. Their menu of traditional East African dishes is one of the best you can get in Zurich. And also, it is a popular restaurant among residents of the local Ethiopian/Eritrean community.

Large serving is available. It’s an excellent go-to choice for family or friends’ gatherings. Vegetarian style meals are also served—most of their meals are eaten without cutlery, the African way.

After a meal, there is a section in the room used as a men’s hangout. You can have a fun time playing poker and dart. During summer, you may want to opt for the outdoor seat arrangement.

Habesha is located at Weststrasse, Zürich, Switzerland.


Pyramids is one of the few foreign restaurants with chefs who have mastered Egyptian cuisine to perfection. Halal food is the highlight of this restaurant, but you can also try out their varied dishes, dips, and drinks.

Most of their foods are served the local ways. And the seat arrangement accommodates a lot of people, which is the same way it’s done back in Egypt.

Every corner of the restaurant this adorned with Egyptian arts. The entrance has two statues of Anubis, the god of the dead (a muscular man with the head of a black jackal). Pyramids is at Werdstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland.

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This is an exotic restaurant offering North African foods in Zurich. The meals are served traditionally, and they taste outstanding.

The seat arrangement is in two ways. Some tables are long, and the chairs can contain more than five persons. While others are minimal with just 4-5 chairs around it.

The outdoor seats are better if you want something lively to watch while eating. There is also a section for shisha pipes with a variety of flavors.

African Foods in Zurich
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Zurich is a great city with an exciting nightlife. It’s also a city of incredible cuisine, and the exquisite taste of African meals is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Besides, Zurich is a city with unique aesthetics. Indeed, you’ll dine in style while enjoying the variety of African foods in Zurich

These restaurants are lovely places to settle and treat your taste buds to exotic African delicacies. We have carried out in-depth research on all restaurants that offer African foods in Zurich to arrive at these ten.

However, this list is inexhaustible as other restaurants may rise to the top in the future, or you may want to use different metrics to classify your top restaurants. The bottom line, however, is that you can get African foods that satisfy your cravings in these restaurants.

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