How Healthy is Nigerian Fried Yam?

Nigerian fried yam, also known as Dun Dun, is sliced yam fried in vegetable or palm oil. Usually served alongside fried plantain, the delicacy goes well with Nigerian sauces like pepper stew (Ata din din).

Some might prefer to eat it alone. For a more refreshing meal, you can “wash it down” with any chilled soft drink of your choice.

But, is Nigerian fried yam healthy?

Yam contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fiber, fat, and antioxidants that are all required by the body. Yam may help with blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and improve brain health. When paired with a sauce that contains assorted meat or fish, Dun Dun becomes more nutritious.

If you have ever wondered how healthy fried yam is, this article will serve as a useful resource for you. 

So, are you looking to learn more about the health benefits of Nigerian fried yam or just want to know other delicacies that go well with the delicacy? This post provides valuable information about the delicacy. Let’s get right into it!

Health Benefits of Fried Yam

High in Carbs

Carbohydrates found in yam is one of the macronutrients the body needs in large amounts to function properly. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the body to provide the energy required by the system to run.

Apart from providing energy, the high carb content in yam contributes to your daily calorie needs. Depending on age, sex, and physical activity levels, your calorie requirements might be different from the other person.

Taking healthy proportions of carbs will contribute to your daily calorie needs and provide you with the energy your body needs.


A raw yam contains (1.5%) protein. Though the protein content is not much, having such a nutrient still makes yam a useful food item.

Protein is another macronutrient that your body needs to make cells and tissues and replace worn-out ones.

Because the body does not have a protein reservoir to draw on, it’s imperative you get enough of the nutrient, especially through dietary sources.

Though yam is mainly rich in carbs, the handful amount of protein it contains would still count towards your daily protein needs.

And when paired with pepper stew that is blessed with fish or assorted meats, fried yam becomes more nutritious and delicious.


Taking low-fat foods is essential for certain health conditions. For example, when recovering from pancreas disease or gallbladder surgery, staying on a low-fat diet is essential. Low-fat diets can also be useful for preventing heartburn or when trying to shed that extra pounds.

Yam contains little or no fat, which makes it an excellent option for those who are struggling with certain medical conditions.

Also, if you need to watch your fat intake, eating fried yam could be helpful. 

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Is Yam Good for Losing Weight?

study shows that people who cut fats from their diet lose more weight than those who reduce their carbs intake. The research suggests that a controlled fat regimen can help with weight loss.

With that, the low-fat content in yam can be helpful when trying to lose weight.

However, you want to make sure that all your food intake contributes toward your weight loss plan. In other words, if you take low-fat meals such as yam but other foods in your diets aren’t supporting your weight loss goal, you might not see appreciable results.

Also, the fat content in yam may indirectly help with weight loss as healthy fats can induce a feeling of satiety. When you feel full for longer, your junk food intake will dramatically reduce. As a result, you won’t add unnecessary weight.

Yam Benefits During Pregnancy

Yam is a starchy vegetable that is rich in potassium. Potassium is a mineral that plays a vital role in blood pressure during pregnancy.

Maintaining healthy blood pressure when you are pregnant is vital to prevent certain health risks like placenta abruption, stroke, and preterm delivery.

As a storehouse for potassium, eating a healthy amount of yam during pregnancy is beneficial for both the mother and baby.

Also, yam is a storage house for other nutrients such as Vitamin B6 and Vitamin A.

Studies show that many pregnant women who take vitamin B6 experience relief from nausea and vomiting (morning sickness) that occurs during their first trimester.

Also, vitamin A found in yam contributes to the development of a baby’s immune system.

So if you’re pregnant, taking yam with other healthy foods will have positive effects on you and your baby.

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How Good is Fried Yam for Fatty Liver?

Yam is one of the foods recommended for fatty liver disease. There is no evidence, however, that eating yam alone is enough to manage the health condition.

For any health issue, you may have to consult with your doctor for clarification on compliant foods.

The Best Way to Prepare Fried Yam

You can make this delicacy in two ways. One recipe requires you to parboil yam slices before frying them. Another way is to deep fry the slices without first boiling them.

However, this fried yam recipe uses the second cooking instructions.


  1. Peel your yam and rinse in clean water.
  2. Cut into round slices and then small rectangular chunks.
  3. Put the chunks in a sizable bowl and add enough water to cover them. Also, add the correct amount of salt at this stage.
  4. After a couple of minutes, decant the water, leaving the slices behind with some water left behind.
  5. Pour vegetable or palm oil in a dry saucepan and set on heat. To ensure the yam fries in and out, set the heat to medium or low.
  6. Add the yam slices into the hot oil in batches. To prevent the hot oil from splattering, carefully add the slices—also, part of the water to each batch. Adding water helps cook the yam inside and out.
  7. When the yam is well fried, set aside, and fry remaining batches using the same steps.  

The good thing about the delicacy is, it can be easily prepared at home without any special culinary skills. 

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What Can Pair with Fried Yam?

This fried food can be served alongside fried plantain. This combo is tasty and often sold in the afternoon or at night. Also, when you don’t want to take a full afternoon meal, both can be served as dinner.

Besides, you can make fried pepper (Ata Din Din) and use it to sauce Dun Dun. This type of preparation becomes tastier when the pepper sauce contains assorted meats and fish and traditional flavors.

Some also enjoy this fried food with just vegetable or palm oil that is salt to taste.

And if you are out of all these options, you can take fried yam alone. But make sure to bring a chilled soft drink to the table.

Nigerian Fried Yam?


The presence of three macronutrients in yam makes it a food item worth eating. When paired with fried plantain, Dun Dun becomes yummier. Saucing the delicacy with fried pepper makes the dish not only tastier but more nutritious too.

Whether you’re looking for fast food or something to replace afternoon meals, fried yam is perfect and healthy.