Is Gusto the Best Restaurant in Kano? (My Experience)

If you’re in Kano and your hobbies include visiting some top restaurants to have a first-hand experience of their meals, you probably have heard of Gusto Restaurant.

Gusto restaurant has been in the news recently such that not only residents of Kano want to know what is so special about this restaurant.

I’m not a resident of Kano. Neither do I visit regularly. But I was going to visit Kano for the first time, and as one who loves to have a great bite whenever I’m out there, I had to quickly turn to Google to see the best restaurants in Kano. You guessed it right—Gusto was top of the list. I scrolled down the page and found other articles from reputable blogs listing Gusto and others. I quickly opened my notepad and penned down five restaurants, including the much-mentioned Gusto.

Here is what my list looks like:

  • Gusto
  • Cliantro
  • Dala Restaurant
  • Corner
  • Marietta’s Pizza Restaurant

Hey! Before I proceed, I’d like to mention that this is not a paid review but an opinion I like to voice out about this restaurant to help other people looking to learn about the place, probably.

My Experience in Gusto Restaurant, Kano

I arrived in Kano successfully. Visiting a restaurant was not my primary reason for being here, so I had to get some necessary things done. 48 hours later, it was time to tour around the city, and you know where I’d heard over to, right? Great catch!

My first impulse was to imagine Tuwo Shinkapa—the mashed rice that was a major delicacy in the north. I was going to give that meal a try.

Yes, I went to Gusto restaurant. This was a place I never visited before but read about it on the internet. You know what I’d expect to see, right? (haha).

Here it is—I wasn’t dissatisfied with the environment. It was a beautiful sight to behold, a cozy atmosphere. Note that I’ve visited other top restaurants in different cities, and I think the physical setting is cool as well as the décor inside, but certainly not the best.

Going forward, I like to break down this review into sections. Here we go:


Gusto has a decent setting. The area is serene, and if you’re one that loves to have your meals in places with golden silence, you do like to be here. They have one of the best outdoor sittings I’ve seen in recent years. From their reclining cane seats to the mahogany tables, and the sky that hung out there like it would join the band of customers who gathered in their different tables, I would say Gusto is one of the best restaurants in Kano and perhaps Nigeria.


The waiters were attentive and alert to every call. Their service was diligent, almost royal. The waiter that served me was a light-skinned girl that wore a satin apron over her uniform. She smiled modestly, and this added to the appetizers. There was a caged parrot in the far right end that tweeted endlessly, blending with the soft music in the background. The smell of cooking food wafted into the outdoor from the kitchen that was underground. It smelled suiting. Overall, on a scale of 1 –10, I’d rate their services 7.


I had a good meal here. The food was yummy. I had sushi, chosen from the menu that was so extensive—it formed a mini booklet, the kind of menu that meets every customer’s demand.


If your budget for a one-time meal is fixed at 1,000 to 1,500 NGN , this restaurant may not be for you. In my case, I did not bother to find out how much their food costs. I was almost done when the bills arrived. I had to pay 3,200 NGN for the food. I didn’t want to be an abrupt customer, so I paid. However, other meals may have a lower price, but I couldn’t find out.


Gusto restaurant is not without visible flaws. Here are the major downsides I pointed out.

  1. They had used decorative lights to write out the words “Welcome to the Gusto,” with the “US” in Gusto missing. For one who has not been here before, this was really not so good for the restaurant, losing its name even before first-timers. I wouldn’t know how long the decoration got bad, but it shows the management is somewhat not active. One would think other facilities may go down the drain in the future with no attention.
  2. Another drawback here is the parking lot. It is too small for the size of the restaurant—some vehicles were parked outside, which is not cool. You know on-street parking congests the roads and eventually results in a traffic jam. Also, there’s a peace of mind you get knowing your vehicle is parked in a safe place.
  3. Inside, the lights were too gaudy, their decorations and waiters, judging by the first one I saw, were stylish to a fault. Everything looked like pictures from a Victorian film. The waiter I had seen was throwing repeated glances at my table, waiting for orders maybe. But this made me a bit uncomfortable.
  4. The interior decorations seemed to have been here too long. The paints were peeling off near the base of the building where wet patches appeared. The menu was an old faded white-turned-brown paper, frayed at the sides, and looking kind of dirty to my expectations.
  5. I ordered a cocktail first, lemonade with alcohol. The waiter kept trying to convince me to accept the flavors they offered. I insisted and was told there was no lemonade. I had to settle for Pineapple, and it was served without alcohol.
  6. The meal was served too cold and took too long to arrive. I requested that they microwave it and let me have it as a takeout package. “No takeouts today”, that was the response I got. A disappointing reaction, right?

Gusto KanoFinal Thoughts

Like every other restaurant, Gusto Kano has its flaws, but I think these are minor flaws that require inexpensive fixes here and there. Apart from the parking lot, proper management can turn things around real fast.

But, is Gusto restaurant the best in Kano? I couldn’t visit other restaurants on my list, so it’s difficult to say. However, with my experience in other restaurants in Nigeria, I’d say Gusto is one of the best in Kano. Should you take my word for it? Maybe you need first-hand experience when next you visit the city of Kano.


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