The 10 Best Restaurants in Calabar

Calabar is a beautiful city with great tourist centers. It is one of those cities in Nigeria you visit for tourism, business or leisure.

As a major tourist attraction point in Nigeria, Calabar is a key player in the hospitality industry – hosting some of the best hotels and restaurants. This article highlights the best restaurants in Calabar, where you can comfortably have a good bite whenever you’re in the city.

This city embraces continental dishes just as they do with their native foods. And some of the restaurants listed here offer delicacies from all around the world.

Let’s get started:

Restaurants in Calabar

1. E3 Restaurant

For your breakfast, this restaurant is a top choice to have a great meal that sustains you with energy for the days’ work. Plus, the ambiance here is serene 24/7, and the interior decor is excellent.

The meals are well prepared. Moreover, they offer the appropriate meals for each course, and this helps a great deal in maintaining your diet.

E3 Restaurant is arguably one of the best restaurants in Calabar. It’s located at Duke Town, Calabar; a very serene environment.

2. 355 Mayfair Lounge

This restaurant serves a fusion of Local and Continental delicacies. For dessert, you can order pastries.

The best part of all is how inviting their food is; their chefs go the extra mile to dress the food in an alluring way, which will increase your appetite.

Moreover, you can order chocolate, Chapman, milkshakes, among others, to complement the pastries. 355 Mayfair Lounge is located along Bogoberi area in Calabar.

3. Hacienda

If you’re hosting a small party/ get together, or you want to have a fantastic meal with friends or family, Hacienda is one of the best restaurants in Calabar to visit.

They serve Chinese cuisines here. You can order for noodles, Chinese fried rice, Kung Pao chicken, Chinese soups, and so on. You can also request for an assortment of beef for refreshment, and hazelnut coffee too.

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During the evening time, their warm dimming LEDs dims to redder color temperature and this sets a romantic mood. Hacienda restaurant is a great place to have a date. The restaurant is located at Murtala Mohammed Hwy, Big Qua Town, Calabar.

4. Happy Food

This restaurant is an alternative to Hacienda. It is situated at 119 Ndidem Usang Iso Rd, Calabar. And the slight difference between the two is that Happy Food offers more exotic cuisines like Yong tau foo, wonton, mapo tofu, and so on.

They also offer imported wines. Hacienda, on the other hand, focuses more on fast foods.

Moreover, Happy Food is one of the few restaurants in Calabar that offers vegetarian meal options. Also, there is a pastry section offering spring rolls, samosa, and so on. And you need to try out their bread; it’s delicious.

5. Apple’s

Apple’s is a fast-food restaurant at Fi Ekong Estate, Ndidem Usang Iso Rd, Atekong, Calabar. Though the variety of meals they offer are limited, mostly fried rice, Pasta, and some native dishes.

But don’t let this deter you, because their meals taste good. Besides, they offer a variety of pastries. There is no snack you won’t find here. This restaurant is on the roadside and very easy to locate. They have ample parking space as well.

6. Tatafish

If you want native dishes that will tickle your taste buds, look no further, Tatafish is one of the best restaurants in Calabar to settle down in for a great meal.

The restaurant is at 110, Marian Hill Rd, Calabar. A very serene environment not too far from the Atekong junction, the vibrant part of Marian Hill Rd, and a place you should check out before or after a meal.

The highlight of Tatafish’s dishes is their fish soup. It’s alluring and tantalizing to the taste buds. You should also try out their other soups; they’re well prepared and will leave you satisfied.

7. Wakkis Calabar

This is arguably one of the best restaurants in Calabar when it comes to architecture design and interior decor.  Some of the walls are made of bricks, while others are made of wood. Also, there are big windows in every corner and an indoor fountain.

They have a la carte menu. And the meals on the list are prepared in less than 40 minutes. While waiting for your meal, there are a series of trivia questions in a bowl to keep you occupied until your meal is ready. In the night, there is usually a live band entertaining everyone. This restaurant is at Ekot Eyo, Calabar.

8. Crunchies Plus

Crunchies Plus is a great spot to get a meal along 8 Mary Slessor Ave, Calabar, a very serene environment. They offer native dishes, continental dishes, and pastries.

Their continental meals are mostly Asian. Moreover, they offer a kids menu and vegetarian menu.  Much thought is put into the architectural design of this restaurant.

They have a wheelchair accessible entrance, wheelchair accessible seating, and wheelchair accessible toilet. This is one of the best restaurants in Calabar for the disabled.

9. Crunchiest Fried Chicken Limited

If you work very late into the nighttime, you can visit this restaurant for their late-night foods. Crunchiest Fried Chicken Limited is at #39 Marian Road, Akim Qua Town, Calabar.

As the name suggests, this fast-food restaurant offers tasty chickens. It is the equivalent of KFC in this aspect. Besides, they offer other delicious pastries and ice creams. There is also a meal section where you can order food, mostly native foods.

The place comprises of the ground and the up floor. The latter is a better place for relaxing after a long stressful day.

10. St Mary’s Kitchen

This restaurant is relatively small, but still one of the best restaurants in Calabar. They only offer native meals here. Once you give them your request, they will prepare the food to your taste.

St Mary’s Kitchen is s suitable spot to relax. The restaurant is never crowded, making the place very serene. Moreover, the location of the restaurant is also serene.

Best Restaurants in Calabar

Wrapping Up

There you have it; the best restaurants in Calabar that you can visit anytime you are in the city. Kindly note that this list is inexhaustible as other restaurants may rise to the top anytime, but we’re sure that the restaurants mentioned here are at present on top of their game.

Do you know any top restaurants in Calabar at the moment? Let us know what you think it should be considered one of the best. Leave your feedback via the comment section below.