The 10 Best Restaurants in Enugu

Are you in Enugu or planning to visit the city anytime soon? You surely want to have a nice meal when you visit the coal city state! So for your needs, we have taken time to pinpoint the best restaurants in Enugu that can satisfy your craving and also give value for your money.

As you probably know, Enugu is one of the oldest state in South East, Nigeria—characterized by ample socioeconomic activities; restaurants are not left out. So, if you’re a first-timer, you sure need a guide to know the restaurants that can offer you what you want. By the time you read this piece to the end, you’d be able to make a good a choice.

Ready? Let’s navigate together!

10 Best Restaurants in Enugu

Dolphin Restaurant

If you’re looking for a cozy spot to have a meal, Dolphin is one of the best restaurants in Enugu to visit. The restaurant features a serene top floor, ideal for relaxation after a meal. Dolphin Restaurant offers delicious local and continental cuisines. Moreover, the seating arrangement is suitable for groups; some of the tables can occupy as much as seven people.

There are books for sale at the entrance of the restaurant—an initiative by Dolphin to promote the reading culture in Enugu. Dolphin restaurant is situated at 1C Ekpunobi Street, GRA, Enugu, a very peaceful environment.

Roots Restaurant and Cafe

If you like aesthetics, Roots restaurants is one of the best restaurants in Enugu to consider. The building is well designed, and the large glass windows offer you a view of the surroundings. Besides, the interior decoration is marvelous. Paintings are placed on the walls and the ceilings too.

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They offer local and Continental cuisines. You can also request for pastries with different juice flavors. If possible, make sure to ask for their cake as dessert. It is well baked and would surely excite your taste buds.

Kilimanjaro Restaurant

This restaurant is at Independence Layout, inside the Enugu mall. And if you ever feel like munching on a snack, or having a wholesome meal while shopping, this the perfect place to visit. Also, it’s one of the best restaurants in Enugu.

The setting here is calm with a spacious seating arrangement for private discussion; you won’t have to worry about interference or noise. They are one of the few restaurants that understand the concept of customers’ satisfaction.

Kilimanjaro is one of the best restaurants in Nigeria with branches across different states.

Open Sharaton

This is a fast-food outlet located at New Haven, Enugu—here you are served based on meal courses. For breakfast, they offer Tea with the flavor of your choice and any light meal to keep you fit for the day’s work. For lunch, they also offer light food, but the delicacies are different this time around. For dinner, you can treat yourself to any dense meal they have on the menu.

Open Sharaton mission is to offer appropriate foods for each meal course, taking great consideration on the role certain meals play on our overall performance.

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Domino’s Pizza

This restaurant has been around for quite some time, and they’re notable for their delicious Pizza. This particular pizza restaurant in Enugu went a step further in adding other sumptuous pastries to their menu.

Domino’s Pizza is located at shop 23 & 29 Palms Polo Mall, Enugu North Local Government, Enugu. And it opens very early so you can treat your taste buds to delicious pastries with sauce for breakfast. They have limited seats, but you need not worry. They offer takeout so you can still enjoy your meal at home or work.


This restaurant screams class, and the Chinese artifacts adorning the interior gives it a high value. The walls are painted in a daring red color with Chinese inscriptions on them. Octopus is well placed when it comes to aesthetics.

Not just aesthetics, Octopus is one of the best restaurants in Enugu that serves delicious Chinese delicacies. They have a section for native meals, which you can request for a fusion of native and Chinese meals.

If you want to excite your taste buds after a long day, you can visit Octopus for their late-night food. This restaurant is located at 21A Nza St, Independence Layout, Enugu.

Discovery Kitchen

Discovery Kitchen prides itself of its international standard, and undoubtedly it’s one of the best restaurants in Enugu. They prepare their meals based on the customers’ request and recommendation.

They offer specific delicacies for breakfast and their international cuisine consists mostly of Chinese food. You can also request for their special order, or you can treat yourself to their African cuisine. There is a VIP lounge you can visit to calm your nerves. Plus, every last Sunday of the month they hold poetry readings and karaoke sessions, and it’s a perfect time to fraternize.

This restaurant is located at 96/98 Chime Ave, New Haven, Enugu.

Genesis Restaurant

Genesis restaurant is a household brand, particularly in the Southern and Eastern parts of Nigeria—with more than 23 branches. Their restaurants are designed in a modern casual dining style.

They also offer spacious seating arrangements suitable for short business meetups and get-together because of the privacy it affords. You can request for international meals or local meals, depending on what you desire. They also offer special Chinese delicacies and freshly baked Pizza.

This restaurant is located at the heart of Zik Avenue, Uwani, Enugu.

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Crunchies Plus

Crunchies Plus is a great place to have a quick bite for lunch, and also hang out with friends and family. They offer a variety of pastries, and you can also order on their special food menu which has some delicious Continental meals on it. There is a kiddies corner in the restaurant with excellent safety measures. If you have a kid (kids) they would surely have a wonderful time here.

The restaurant is situated at #96 Agbani Road, Achara, Enugu, with branches in different states of Nigeria.

Chicken Republic

This is still one of the best restaurants in Enugu to get affordable meals. And it’s even more affordable during their promo periods. Their Chickens are well garnished with spices, which will excite your taste buds. It would be best if you tried it out whenever you visit the restaurant. You can also try out other pastries like French fries, hamburger, mince pie and so on. For a full meal, you can order their fried rice, spaghetti, and so on.

Chicken Republic is located at #145 Agbani Road, Uwani, Enugu, with many other branches across Nigeria.

Restaurants in Enugu

Wrap Up

Enugu is a beautiful city with lots of exciting sights and excellent cuisines. This article features some of the best restaurants in Enugu—selected based on their quality of service, the taste of food, ambiance, and value.

Do keep in mind that this list is inexhaustible as other restaurants may rise to the top anytime, but currently, the restaurants listed here offer excellent services. Let us know via the comment section if you know any top restaurants in Enugu not listed here.

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