The 10 Best Restaurants in Kano

Kano is a major industrial and commercial center in northern Nigeria. The city attracts thousands of people for various purposes, ranging from business, tourism, education, amongst others.

Whether you’re in Kano for business or pleasure, you won’t want to miss out on the fantastic meals in this great city. So for your needs, here are the best restaurants in Kano that can satisfy your cravings for your favorite meals.

1. Cliantro

This restaurant opened in 2011, and has since changed the perception of Nigerians towards Indian food, especially in Northern Nigeria. They also offer several other Asian cuisines at unbeatable prices.

Cliantro is one of the best restaurants in Kano where you can treat yourself to tasty Indian meals with their special diets (Vegetarian-Friendly, Halal, and Vegan Options).

They offer delivery and takeout. You can pay your Credit Cards or through other digital payment options; this is what most restaurants in Kano don’t provide.

Cliantro is located at Old No.67, New, #23 Sultan Rd, Giginyu, Kano, a very secure neighborhood. The restaurant is cozy as well and very spacious. You can opt for their outdoor seats if you want to be surrounded by nature, or seek something more open.

You can only have your lunch and dinner here. Cliantro opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM.

2. Marietta’s Pizza Restaurant

This restaurant offers only pastries and grouped into four types on their menu (Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean, Arabic). And they are all fresh and served warm.

The restaurant has a serene atmosphere, and it’s much better in the evening if you opt for their outdoor seats. It’s well lit and suitable for any occasion that evokes emotion like a date or family outing.

Marietta’s Pizza Restaurant is situated at #5 Gidado Mukhtar Link off Dawaki road, Kano Nigeria. It’s effortless to locate and one of the best restaurants in Kano, especially around Dawaki road. This establishment has been around since 1996 and has gained recognition as one of the best pizzerias in that area.

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Their meals are affordable – starts from NGN 1,089 – NGN 5,080. They open from 7:00 AM to 11: 00 PM except on Mondays they do not open throughout

3. Dala Restaurant

Dala Restaurant is one of its kind – they are open 24/7 throughout. The restaurant boasts of excellent interior design. Several framed photographs and paintings adorn the wall, and in every angle, there is a TV tuned to entertainment channels to keep you enthralled while eating.

Their African foods are tantalizing to the taste buds, and so is their Mediterranean, Pizza, and Central-Italian cuisine. You can have your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night meals here.

Dala Restaurant is a suitable spot for finalizing business deals or talking about business generally while having a delicious meal. The seating arrangement is ideal for such occasions. Some tables have 2 to 3 chairs, and this allows for some privacy.

This restaurant is located at #54 Guda Abdullahi Street Tarauni, Kano, Nigeria, a very serene area.

4. Corner

This restaurant is well lit with a fence securing the place. They serve only Indian and Lebanese cuisine. They will prepare your meal in no time. Also, they offer grills that you can have for dessert.

Their outdoor seating arrangement is an excellent option if you prefer natural air to the air conditioner. The relaxed ambiance inside the restaurant and the dim lights will certainly evoke emotions between lovers.

Their meals start from NGN 2,171 – NGN 7,598. You can choose between halal, vegan options, and vegetarian-friendly meals, and each varies in price. Corner is located at Lafia/Sultan Road Kano, Nigeria – a very reserved neighborhood.

5. Jalsa

The majority of the fast-food offered here are Indian snacks. You can try out a variety of them with just a few bucks. The snacks provided here are very cheap. Their coffee is also fantastic and inexpensive. The types of meals offered here are brunch and dinner.

This restaurant was created as a fast-food outlet when you order, grab, and go, but of recent, they have now provided chairs and tables where you can eat what you ordered.

Jalsa is at Kano 3 Bompai Road, Kano, Nigeria. Bampai has some of the best restaurants in Kano, but when it comes to fast food joints, Jalsa is the king there.

6. Bombay to Beirut

For a quick meal, this restaurant is the best, though they do not offer fine dining, only casual dining is available, and this helps in speeding up the preparation of meals.

Indian, Lebanese, and Mediterranean meals are available here. And they’re all affordable too.

The restaurant is very spacious and lit with bright fluorescent bulbs. There are no elaborate designs; the designs used are minimalistic, giving the place a classic look.

7. Tajmahal Restaurant

A variety of Asian cuisines are available here, especially Indian delicacies. The way they prepare and serve their meals is also similar to the way Asians do it. Tajmahal Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kano that is a perfect embodiment of an Asian restaurant.

The restaurant is cozy, and the calmness hanging in the air makes this place desirable, especially if you need a place very relaxed to have your meal. Tajmahal is situated at #20 Alu Avenue, Kano.  

You can have your lunch and dinner here, for those who close late from work – you can try their late-night meals menu, and everything on it is exotic. It’s a way of getting pampered before you relax for the night. For special diets, you can try out their vegetarian-friendly food.

If you would like to eat in the open, you can try out their swimming pool seating arrangement. 

8. Gusto Restaurant

In terms of architectural and interior design, this restaurant is one of the best in Kano with great design. The restaurant is made from brick walls. Japanese paintings are hung around, and there are wall paintings as well. Plus, there is an indoor pond for aesthetic purposes.

A variety of Japanese meals are available and very tasty. You can never get enough of it because your taste buds will keep begging for more, and you can only quench it by visiting them for your lunch, dinner, and brunch. And if you miss your dinner, you can still visit Gusto for late-night meals.

Also, you can order not just Chinese meals but also Italian, Mediterranean meals, or request a fusion of the various cuisines available.

There is an outdoor seating arrangement, private dining, and highchairs seating arrangement; it all depends on what you want. Credit cards and digital payments are accepted, and if you ever feel like surfing the internet in-between your meals, you can make use of their free WiFi.

If you’ve kids, you can take them to the available playgrounds for a fun time. Moreover, the restaurant is at #17 Lodge Road, Kano, Nigeria, a very serene area with various sights that will catch your attention. You can stare into the distance and still have a good time.

9. Chopsticks Kano

For tasty Taiwanese meals, this is one of the best restaurants in Kano. Besides, the place is comfortable and very spacious so you can have some privacy while munching on your meal as you want. Moreover, for relaxation after a meal, you can try out their swimming pool.

They serve their meals with a chopstick. This restaurant goes a step further to give the place an air of Asian culture. They also serve Chinese cuisine, and you can always request a fusion of Taiwanese and Chinese meals.

The price of their meals starts at NGN 724 – NGN 7,959. Chopsticks open around noon so you can only have lunch and dinner here, and late-night food too.

The restaurant is situated at #54 Guda Abdullahi Street Tarauni, Kano, Nigeria.

10. Fasania Restaurant

This restaurant is at Kano, Bompai Rd, inside Central Hotel. Bampai Rd has some of the best restaurants in Kano, but Fasania is in a league of its own. The interior decor is stunning; there are deer paintings on the wall and several other minimalist designs. They designed the place like a dining room, but theirs is an exotic dining room.

Their soups are a must-try. They will make your taste buds thirsty for more. Their recipe includes a variety of Chinese dishes, mostly soup, but they offer other intercontinental meals too.

The seats are very comfortable, and they have high chairs for toddlers. And there are small cookers on the table which keep your soup warm.

Fasania Restaurant is accommodating. Their staffs are also very courteous. And the best part is how they make everywhere homely by designing the place like a dining room. It will make you feel free like you’re having a meal at home.


There are a few more good restaurants, but still, the restaurants mentioned here are worth trying out, and you won’t regret it. Visit any of these restaurants today and have a good time and a good meal that is nourishing to your health.