The 10 Best Restaurants in Kogi State (Lokoja)

Giving an account on how Nigeria came to be won’t go down well without mentioning Kogi, one of the 36 states in the country.

Kogi is called the confluence state because it connects the River Niger and River Benue (in its capital city – Lokoja). Moreover, the name Nigeria was coined in Lokoja by Flora Shaw, a former British Journalist who later became the wife of Lord Lugard (first governor-general of Nigeria).

Kogi is an interesting place to be with several sights to see. If you’re visiting Kogi for the first time, you don’t want to stay throughout without having a bite of your favorite food. This article explicitly captures the best restaurants in Kogi state. Read on!

1. Bigg Brother’s

Bigg Brother is a hotel with a nice restaurant. It’s located opposite the 1st Nigeria Army Barracks Gate in Lokoja, and this makes Bigg Brother’s secured. Also, it is located at the city gate, making it accessible for travelers. It’s one of the best restaurants in Kogi for first-timers in the city.

Their menu is a careful selection of several delicacies. You can treat yourself to local and intercontinental meals in the elegant surroundings of the restaurant.

The place is guarded 24/7, so you need not worry about the safety of your car. If you also plan to lodge into the hotel, the rooms and housekeeping are top-notch.

2. Fragrant Spice 

The seats in Fragrant Spice are very comfy and well designed, and this gives the place some artistic qualities. The interior decoration is professionally done and pleasing to the eye.

The building is well ventilated and spacy. There are televisions in almost every angle tuned to entertainment channels so you can have a good time while munching on your meal. Their waiters are also very courteous and respond quickly to demands.

They offer a variety of foods, ranging from local to continental. Their local meals are served enticingly and garnished with various spices, which are unusual for local meals. Their chefs are willing to go further to create new tastes.

For 24 hours every day, they are always open. Fragrant Spice is located in Lokoja and arguably one of the best restaurants in Kogi.

3. Treasures

If you want a treat after your meal, then this restaurant is a good pick. There is a meal section and confectionery section. Also, if you’ve kids, there is a play park outside where they can have fun.

The restaurant is air-conditioned and well lit. Their power supply is constant, so they always have chilled drinks and warm meals.

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Treasures is very close to the federal university. You can use it as a guide to get back on track if you miss your way. Also, the parking space is spacious, and your vehicle is safe because the restaurant has a gate, and security officers are available.

4. Edgedrive

This is a hotel with a well-conditioned restaurant inside. It’s close to the Government House, GRA, Lokoja – an area with some of the best restaurants in Kogi. This place is well secured and calm. There is also 24 hours power supply, powering the air conditions throughout the day, and lighting the restaurant.

Continental and Intercontinental dishes are offered here as well as the local menu. If you plan on lodging in the hotel, a meal will cost you 1,800 Naira. Considering the taste and quality, the meal is cheap. You can also visit their bar/lounge for an assortment of drinks.

If you lodge into the hotel and want to surf the internet while munching on your meal, you can make use of their wireless internet.

5. Karomsi Garden

This restaurant is located inside a hotel Off Ganaja Junction P.O Box 306. This area is in the middle of the confluence city where all the bustling of the nightlife happens. A variety of well-trimmed plants and flowers beautify the whole environment.

Their meals are exotic, and the seat arrangement is ideal for having a meal with family and friends. Moreover, there are chairs and tables outside if you wish to eat beneath the sky.

Karomsi Garden is well secured with security officers around. Depending on the atmosphere you seek, there is a regular bar and a bush bar.

6. Bluebell

This is a hotel located at Honorable Yusuf Avenue, Beach Community, Ganaja Road, Lokoja, Kogi. It’s very near to Barbie Supermarket (1.5 km), Ikoyi Market (0.9 km), and the Kogi State Government House. You can use these as a directive.

Bluebell on-site restaurant offers a variety of Nigerian and continental dishes and fine dining. Each table is set with napkins and cutlery so you can choose the appropriate one for your meal. The restaurant is designed elegantly and very calm with a cozy atmosphere.

The parking space is guarded by security personnel round the clock and they keep tabs on every car owner.

7. The Gruve

The Gruve is arguably one of the best restaurants in Kogi, lokoja, in terms of design. Everything goes hand in hand aesthetically.

The lights in the restaurant cast a dim look, which in turn creates a romantic environment, especially in the evening and nighttime.

The restaurant is in one of the serene areas of Kogi State University. It’s one of the best places to have a meal in Anyigba, not only for aesthetics, but also for their delicious meals, and it’s served with a large chunk of chicken – what you may not get from restaurants.

8. Sharwama & Grills

The meals here are affordable. Sharwama & Grills is not just one of the best restaurants in Kogi where you can get pastries but also one of the most affordable.

They have received praises for their customer service, and the qualities of their meals are unlike other fast food spots around New Chucks Shopping Mall, where they’re located.

You can order on the go or make use of a small seating space arranged at a corner. There is also a Wheelchair accessible entrance.

 9. Angie’s Place

Ice creams, Waffles, and cakes are sold here. It’s one of the best spots at Aliu Attah Road Township/ G.R.A, where you can get confectioneries. The area is very calm and reserved. The same goes for the Ambiance inside Angie’s place.

There is a play area for kids if you’ve any. Besides, the place is free of harm and organized.

10. Skye-Bridge

Skye-Bridge is a hotel with an exotic onsite restaurant. It’s one of the best restaurants in Kogi where you can get freshly cooked Chinese meals. Continental Breakfast is also served daily if you lodge into the hotel.

The ambiance here is calm and well suited for business travelers and people seeking something romantic. Besides, Skye-Bridge is positioned opposite 500 units Estate, Ganja Rd before UEC Church, Lokoja, an area reserved for the upper echelon.

Also, Domino Plaza and Sky Crest Pharmacy are close to Skye-Bridge, so you can easily use that as a directive. If you need to make a withdrawal, there is an ATM available.

There is also a night club which you can attend after or before your dinner.

Bottom Line

In this article, we’ve taken time to point out the best restaurants in Kogi based on in-depth research so that you can have the best experience ever. If you visit Kogi, you should try out one of these restaurants for a first-hand experience; you won’t be disappointed. It will be worth your time and money.