The 10 Best Restaurants in Ogun

Ogun is rich in history and culture. Over the years, the city has developed with lots of industrial estates and other socioeconomic activities. Today, among other economic activities, there are a handful of best restaurants in Ogun – built with class.

So for your needs, we have highlighted the best restaurants in Ogun – in terms of service, value, and food quality.

Ini’s Hotspot Calabar Kitchen

This restaurant has a simple dining style. There is a section that is overgrown with beautiful flowers, and it’s a great place to take pictures. Moreover, several other spots in the restaurant are aesthetically excellent.

They serve only Nigerian delicacy, and their meals are prepared with some fusion of continental spices. The meals are mostly Calabar native (another city in Nigerian) delicacies.

This restaurant is very cozy and enclosed, and in the night, the light dims a bit and turns red, setting the perfect mood for romance. Besides, Ini’s Hotspot Calabar Kitchen is located at GRA, a serene environment.


This restaurant offers a variety of international and native dishes. If you want to grab a quick bite, their pastries are already baked so you can just come in and order straight away.

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The interior decorator is impressive, and you’ll enjoy the excellent view while waiting to get served. The seating arrangement is suitable for individuals. There are only a few tables that have up to four seats, if you’re early enough you can be lucky to get one for you and your pals. WokCity restaurant is situated at Ibara, Ogun.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is one of the best restaurants in Ogun offering tasty Pizza. They also offer ice creams with a variety of flavors and chippings to go with the Pizza. The seating arrangement is spacious and suitable for a large crowd. You will definitely have a great bonding experience here if that’s your goal.

Moreover, they offer delivery services, so if your taste buds want something exciting, they’re just a call away. Domino’s Pizza is located at the Post Office Rd, Ibara, Ogun.

Chicken Republic

As the name of the suggests, they do a fantastic job with their chickens. It’s well spiced and cooked till the chicken is tender and easy to chew.

Chicken Republic is one of the best restaurants in Ogun. You can enjoy the chicken with fried rice, salad, chips, ice cream and so on. It’s an excellent spot for families to have a fun time, and for friends to hang out. The restaurant is located at Oke – Ilewo, Ogun.

Sweet Sensation

This restaurant is located in the heart of the city – Osoba Road, Ibara, Ogun. It’s one of the best restaurants in Ogun that’s suitable for both adults and children, and for the former, they have a fun corner to keep them entertained.

You can get delicious meals here, tasty pastries, sweet cakes and ice cream. They offer takeout as well if you prefer enjoying your meal behind closed doors.


Spices is located at Ibara Housing Estate, Ogun – a very serene environment. The seats are arranged impressively, and they are distant from each other, so it gives room for a private conversation.

There is a hall on its premises so it can be a bit rowdy and loud sometimes. It’s preferable to have your breakfast or dinner here. They offer a variety of African delicacies with chilled drinks to complement the meal. The atmosphere in this restaurant is also relaxed and would help in calming your nerves.

Star City

Star City is well known for its warm reception, and that is what you’ll also experience in their restaurant too. Star City is highly rated in Ogun. Besides, it’s just a few minutes drive from Olumo Rock and Arakanga Nature Reserve.

The restaurant offers budget-friendly meals. There is a bar and lounge on-site with Billards for entertaining yourself while enjoying your drink. This restaurant is located at Ogun – E4 Lagos Abeokuta Road, Ogun.

Citizen Suites Restaurant 

After a long day, Citizen Suites is one of the best restaurants in Ogun to visit for great hospitality. This restaurant is sited in a hotel; it has a manicured garden that offers a great view, which is soothing to the nerves. Nature is abundant here; the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant will also help a lot in relaxation.

Aesthetically, this restaurant is great. Professionally shot photos are mounted on the walls, and they add a great deal of value to the restaurant. Also, their dishes are well prepared and would enthrall your taste buds. Having late-night meals here is a great idea. The restaurant is located at 63, Paddy Arikawe Street, GRA.


This is one of the best restaurants in Ogun for sports lovers. It’s located at Presidential Boulevard, Ibara, Ogun. It’s very close to the international stadium and Abeokuta sports club. Continental is on the premises of a hotel. Their cuisines consist of mostly Chinese meals and some native meals too. There is a wine bar, and the cocktails are well mixed, it would surely calm your nerves.

Equity Resort

This is a top-class restaurant located inside a resort hotel at Ijebu-Ode, Ogun. The surrounding is elegant and well secured. It’s the best restaurant in Ogun for vacationers, and discerning travelers because it isn’t that far from major roads. It’s a great place if you need a conducive and peaceful environment.

Equity offers fine dining. You can treat yourself to delicious continental dishes with exotic wines. Plus, it’s only equity that accepts MasterCard, Visa, Eurocard, and American Express in Ogun.

This restaurant is just a sixty minutes drive from Lagos – located at Chris Ogunbanjo Way, Erunwon Road.


In Nigerian, Ogun is considered a major manufacturing hub. Over time, the area has gone through a lot of modernization, but there are still ancient and exciting sights to see like the Olumo Rock, Arakanga Nature Reserve among others. If you’re in Ogun for any reason, you surely want to have a good bite after other significant activities. This article covered some of the top restaurants in the major cities of Ogun State. We hope it helps you find an excellent restaurant to satisfy your cravings.