The 10 Best Restaurants in Onitsha

Onitsha is a famous city in Nigeria, known for housing one of the largest market in Africa. As you already know, this city has a classic agglomeration of economic activities, leading to an influx of visitors now and then.

For whatsoever reasons you find yourself in Onitsha or planning to visit soon, this article features some of the best restaurants in Onitsha for your needs.

Let’s begin! 

Top Restaurants in Onitsha

1. Five Star Restaurant

Five Star Restaurant offers all you can eat. Their meals are a fusion of native and intercontinental cuisine. They also provide well-baked cakes and well-spiced soups. It’s an excellent restaurant to have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Over the years, this restaurant has maintained its standards, and it is still one of the best restaurants in Onitsha, especially around Ridge Road, GRA, a very serene environment. Also, the ambiance here is calm. It’s an excellent getaway for relaxation.

2. Chillis Fast Food

For a quick bite, you can order their already prepared meals. They’re kept warm and preserved in a way that it retains its initial taste. Beverages or wines can be gotten in the restaurant to complement the meal.

This place is well ventilated, and getting a seat by the window will provide you with a view of your surroundings while munching on your meal.

The seating arrangement is also favorable for a mini hangout (consisting of four people) because they assign four chairs to a table. Still, each of these seats is separated from each other with significant distance. This is suitable for private conversations while enjoying your meal. This restaurant is Opposite All Saints Cathedral, #9 Ozalla Road, GRA, Onitsha.

3. Kilimanjaro

For a get-together, meet up, or mini birthday party, Kilimanjaro is one of the best restaurants in Onitsha, especially around Park Road, GRA. It’s a budget-friendly restaurant offering a variety of pastries and native meals.

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Their assortment of meats is something you should try out. These meats are well peppered with other tasty spices. There is also a variety of drinks you can order, and it’s even much better when you have a chilled drink with your meal.

Kilimanjaro is a popular restaurant in Nigeria, with branches in various cities.


This is a lovely restaurant that offers a variety of pastries and fresh loaves of bread. The latter is more favorable for takeout because you might not get coffee in this restaurant all the time. For their mince pies, sausages rolls, cupcakes, and so on, you can order it with any soft drink.

If you’re planning to throw a mini birthday party, they offer a variety of cakes which you can make use of, or better still you can order it for takeout. NI HAO is a well-designed restaurant, though with minimalist designs, but it’s still aesthetically significant. This restaurant is located at #51 New Market Road, GRA, Onitsha.

5. Crunchies

If you ever visit this restaurant, try getting a window seat so you can have a good view of the surroundings. Moreover, it’s well ventilated with air conditioners raging cold air. And there is a kiddies corner where your kid (kids) can have fun. They serve organic dishes and a variety of pastries, and they’re well known for their pasta and noodles.

This is one of the best restaurants in Onitsha for families to visit. The kiddies corner is usually filled up, and you can’t have a quiet time here. Nevertheless, if you wish to go with your family, you’ll definitely have a good time. While the kids are having fun, you can also easily start a conversation with one of the parents around.

Crunchies is located at #30 Oguta Road, City Centre, Onitsha.

6. Chicken Republic

This restaurant was well known for its chicken, but now it offers a variety of pastries, mostly cakes, and pies. Nevertheless, their chickens are still tasty, especially when you eat it with their chilled ice cream.

Their parking spot is very spacious. You don’t need to worry about a car blocking yours when trying to leave the restaurant. Besides, there is a security man that helps out with the parking of vehicles.

Chicken Republic has branches all over Nigeria – indeed a popular and top restaurant.

7. Angle 360

This is a well-known restaurant in Onitsha. It’s a great place to visit in the night because aside from having a great meal, there is a lounge on-site where you can treat yourself to well-mixed cocktails.

They only offer native foods, and their meals are budget-friendly. You can have your breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night meals here. Also, this restaurant has a Wheelchair accessible entrance. It’s located around College Road, Onitsha.

8. Crunchies Plus

Crunchies Plus is a franchise with outlets in almost all Nigerian states. They’re well-known for their budget-friendly meals and pastries. The minimalist design of their buildings and their logo, which stands out in front of the restaurant, are tell-tale signs that you’re at a Crunchies Plus outlet.

This is one of the best restaurants in Onitsha, around Nkpor area, offering all you can eat. The ambiance here is serene. On all the meals on their menu, they offer a tasty chicken to go with it. This restaurant is an excellent place for a quick bite.

9. Soprom

This is a hotel with a restaurant on its premises. The interior is designed in an elegant homely dining style. The seating arrangement is suitable for a group of five, and it gives room for private conversations because the seats are spaced far away from one another. If you’re in town for business, this is one of the best restaurants in Onitsha for a meet up with clients.

They serve a variety of local and intercontinental dishes. And it’s prepared to your taste. Soprom is situated at #1 Ogbatuluenyi Drive, Federal Housing Estate 3-3 Onitsha North.

10. Dolly Hills

This restaurant is situated inside a hotel, strategically located in the Transit area of Onitsha. It’s a great spot for leisure and business travelers. They offer African and Continental meals. The latter consist of Italian, Chinese, and Indian dishes.

There is another section in Dolly Hills called the Grill House and Pastry Shop. You can order a variety of snacks here for refreshment. A gym and tennis court is available for early morning warm-up. Afterward, you can visit the restaurant for a hot and delicious breakfast.

Dolly Hills is at #3 Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo Road, Trans-Nkisi 3-3 Onitsha.

Wrap Up

Apart from being a commercial hub, Onitsha has a lot of fascinating sights you need to see. Places like Ogbunike Caves, or the more notable “River Niger Bridge”. You can have a good time in Onitsha visiting some of these areas as well as having a great bite in any of the top restaurants mentioned here.  

Kindly note that the restaurants in this list are inexhaustible as other restaurants in Onitsha may rise to higher standards anytime. Still, as of now, we’re certain that the restaurants on this list are the best you can get in Onitsha. Do you know any top restaurants in Onitsha at the moment? Let’s us know via the comment section.