Top 10 African Restaurants in Dallas

Ever been in a state where you have to turn to Google to search for “African restaurants near me“? Hey! You’re not alone. If you’re in Dallas and looking to satisfy your cravings for African dishes, we have written this article to point you to some of the top African restaurants in Dallas. Ready? Let’s get to them!

The 10 Best African Restaurants in Dallas

1. Afrika Fusion

Afrika Fusion offers exotic East African food in the safari style. They also provide some West African and sub-Saharan cuisine. On their menu are Tanzanian cuisine, Kenyan cuisine, Ugandan cuisine, Zimbabwean cuisine, Malawian cuisine, Zambian cuisine, and Nigerian cuisine.

This is one of the best African restaurants in Dallas. Here, they don’t just serve tasty dishes; they also strive to keep their customers relaxed through cool and inspirational African music and other cultural events. Their interior decor also showcases Africa’s rich history. They also have on their menu starters, soups, and sides, entrees themed “taste of the West” and “taste of the South”, etc. You do find your desired meals in this food outlet.

This restaurant is located at 18900, Dallas Parkway #125, Dallas, Texas.

 2. Lalibela

If you’re looking for enticing Ethiopian food, this is one of the African restaurants in Dallas to consider for a variety of delicacies and healthy meal options. They offer exotic Ethiopian cuisine suitable for both solo diners and groups. You will also find American foods on their menu that you can fuse with Ethiopian foods.

Other meals you’ll find on their menu are appetizers, entrees beef, entrees chicken, entrees lamb, and vegan meals. Lalibela is located in a shopping center at 9191 Forest Ln, Dallas, Texas.

3. Shuri African Restaurant

This restaurant is a strip-mall eatery that offers special foods for lunch and dinner. It’s also a suitable spot for family outings and a great place for kids. They offer several authentic traditional African meals, especially Nigerian foods. You can treat yourself to starchy meals with zesty soups that would excite your taste buds.

You can also get African fast foods for a quick bite. Shuri African Restaurant is sure a great place to visit for delicious African dishes. It’s located at 9410 Walnut Street, Dallas, Texas, United States.

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4. Aso Rock

Hey, this is not Nigeria’s Presidential Villa; it is a restaurant this time (Lol). Aso Rock is another outstanding African restaurant in Dallas with an uptempo lounge. Spicy traditional fare, such as abacha, egusi soup, and goat pepper soup, are served here. If you want something more modern, you can try out their flavored chicken platter, goat platter, jollof rice, tilapia fish, or a side dish of suya. They also offer African cocktails.

It’s a nice restaurant to visit if you love modern aesthetics. The interior is lit with colorful light bulbs. After a meal, you can have a good time at their spacious lounge.

Aso Rock is located at 9220 Skillman St #115, Dallas, Texas, 75243, United States

5. MarRosso Cafe

MarRosso Cafe offers traditional Ethiopian cuisine and East African dishes. This is one of the top African restaurants in Dallas if you want to treat your taste buds to special meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re a tea person, they also offer a wide selection of teas. There are also several East African fast foods for quick bites.

On their menu, you will find appetizers and sides, panini, special breakfast meals, entrees, pasta, weekend specials, desserts, and beverages. You can also get meal combos by Marrosso (marrosso rolls, marosso salad, marosso lapizma and so on). There are also meal options for vegetarians.

MarRosso Cafe interior is designed the minimalist way with cultural paintings. This restaurant is located at 7989 Belt Line Rd #110, Dallas, Texas.

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6. Suya Stop

Suya Stop is owned and managed by a Nigerian. This restaurant offers three special Nigerian treats (suya, asun, and African-style shawarma). They are all prepared the Nigerian way with traditional ingredients, giving it a unique taste you do like. You can also request for the suya to be prepared with some variations of your choice.

On their menu, you will find these meals—asun (grilled spicy goat meat), suya made with skewered beef/ram/chicken, and shawarma wrapped in pita bread with veggies and sauce. You can get them in hot spice, medium spice, and mild spice.

This restaurant is located at 311E Pioneer Parkway, Grand Prairie, Texas, United States

7. Ibex

Ibex offers a variety of Ethiopian cuisine. Their meals are usually served with bread. On their menu, you will find appetizers, desserts, vegan meals, pasta, rice, and Ethiopian style seafood. They also offer Ibex styled veggie dishes and several other Ibex special meals. These Ibex styled/special meals are the combinations of several Ethiopian meals. The highlight of their meals is the Ethiopian wots (doro wot with chicken, shiri wot, and sig wot). They also offer Halal food.

Their meals are usually served on low tables with stools. This restaurant is one of the top African restaurants in Dallas if you are looking for fresh Ethiopian meals. Ibex is located at 2255 Greenville Ave Suite 130, Dallas, Texas.

8. African Village

African Village offers a collection of delicious African meals and others. Most of their meals are popular African foods. You’ll find Chapati and Ugali from the East, couscous from the North, nshima, and salsa from the South, and fufu and dodo from the West. Their menu offers cuisine of the four regions, and most are signature dishes.

This is one of the first restaurants that served as a staple of the African community in Dallas—it has been around for many years. It’s also a popular spot known for airing live coverage of sporting events, such as soccer, Boxing, NBA, etc. Also, you do enjoy cool and inspiring African music and movies here.

African Village is located at 3003 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, Texas, United States

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9. Murphy’s Mansion

Murphy’s Mansion is a great African restaurant in Dallas—since 1988. They offer a variety of cuisines and provide traditional music for relaxation. Their interior decor is very modern and classy, with VIP balconies and a patio if you want something serene.

You will find a variety of West African dishes and East African dishes on their menu. For vegetarians, they offer special dishes. And if you want something different from what they have on their menu, you can request for special orders or fusion of American or Caribbean cuisine with African cuisine.

Murphy’s Mansion is located at 10051 Whitehurst Drive, Dallas, Texas.

10. Desta

Desta is an Ethiopian restaurant. They offer a variety of traditional tibs served with modern digs. They also have a diverse selection of stews, vegetables, and meats. Their breakfast meals can be enjoyed with a macchiato while their dinner goes with ginger tea. You can also substitute these beverages for their collection of Ethiopian wines.

If you love entertainment, Desta maintains a culture of having deejays around—usually on Saturdays to entertain customers. They also invite top artists for live performances, all to entertain their customers. Desta is located at 12101 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas.

African restaurants in Dallas

Final Thoughts

Dallas is the nation’s (USA) largest art district, so you can expect most of these restaurants to be adorned with great artworks. Some of these restaurants also have lounges and bars, making them the perfect spot for relaxation.

So, there you have it—African restaurants to get tasty African dishes in Dallas. Did you visit any of these restaurants? We’d love to know about your experience. Also, if you have had a terrific firsthand experience with any other African restaurant in Dallas not mentioned here, let us know via the comment section.

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