Top 10 African Restaurants in Houston

Do you live in Houston or have just visited the city for the first time and looking for some delicious African dishes to satisfy your cravings? We have written this article to point you to the best African restaurants in Houston.

Certainly, you’d find some of the traditional African dishes in these restaurants. And so? We won’t bore you with lengthy write-ups. Here are the restaurants you can consider to satisfy your cravings for African food.

Top 10 African Restaurants in Houston

1. Blue Nile

Bile Nile has been around since 1994, and have been providing the Houston community with tasty Ethiopian dishes, served the traditional way. This is a top African restaurant in Houston. Their traditional dishes are usually served with a soft spongy pancake-like bread called Ijera, just like it’s done in Ethiopia. Here is a glimpse some of the foods you’d find on their menu:

  • Lamb Dishes (Dulet, yebeg tibs, Yebeg key wot, etc.)
  • Beef Dishes (Yessiga alicha wot, Bozena shiro, Banatu, etc.)
  • Vegetarian (Shirro fitfit, Gomen, Kik alicha, etc.)
  • Poultry (Chicken tibs, Doro wot, Yefisik beyayinetu, etc.).
  • Fish (Fish tibs, Fried fish with rice and salad, Shrimp wot, etc.)
  • Appetizers (Samossa, Timatim salad, etc.)
  • Freshly brewed coffee and Ethiopian tea,
  • Ethiopian Beer 

If you’re looking to visit this restaurant, it is located at 3030 Audley St, Houston, Texas.

2. Taste of Nigeria

Taste of Nigeria serves authentic Nigerian dishes prepared with 100 percent traditional ingredients. They offer mostly Nigerian cuisine and a few Cameroonian kinds of seafood. Several side dishes and appetizers suitable for kids are available as well. If you want, you can also request for your meals to be prepared the halal way.  

Here are some of the meals you can find on their menu: 

  • Appetizers (Suya, Isiewu, Gourmet Moi-Moi, etc.)
  • Pepper Soups (marinated assortment of beef, marinated tilapia, marinated catfish, etc.)
  • Traditional Soups (Efo riro, Afang soup, Ofe nsala, etc.)
  • Swallows (Starch, Tuwo, Pounded yam, etc.)
  • Side dishes
  • African drinks

If you would like to visit, Taste of Nigeria is located at Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX.  

3. Ariya Suya Kitchen

Ariya Suya kitchen is an upscale grill that offers several Nigerian and American foods. The highlight of this restaurant is its Suya, a popular Northern Nigeria food that mostly consists of meat and spiced flavors.

These are some of the featured foods on their menu:

  • Appetizers (Suya tacos, Ram suya, Shrimp suya, etc.)
  • Nigerian infused plates (Jollof rice with ram surf and turf, Beans with sweet plantain, Spinach with grilled fish, etc.)
  • Soups (Goat pepper soup and catfish pepper soup)
  • Sides (Yam fries, Sweet plantains, Efo, etc.)

Ariya Suya Kitchen is located at the galleria areas of Houston, 6357 Westheimer road, TX. This is a top African restaurant in Houston, especially if you want to get flavored Suya.

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4. Lucy Houston

Lucy Houston was created based on the first most famous humanoid skeleton called Lucy, believed to have lived 3.2 million years ago. It was discovered in the town of Hadar in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia’s Afar Depression. And this restaurant celebrates the uncovering of Lucy as the roots of humanity in Ethiopia.

The art gallery of the restaurant is centered on black culture, alongside a vast menu of traditional Ethiopian food. On their menu, you’ll also find meals like Blaklava, Kitfo, Awaze tibs, etc. They also offer combo dishes of meat and veggies, as well as several other Ethiopian appetizers.

This is a top African restaurant in Houston, and it is located at 6800 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX, United States.

5. Cafe Abuja

This is one of the top African restaurants in Houston where you can get some of the finest authentic Eastern Nigeria cuisines. If you want something with a slightly different taste from the norm, there are several variations of African meals you can try out—like rice with an oxtail plate or rice with Ofe nsala instead.

Some of the foods on their menu include:

  • Igbo Kwenu (Ukwa porridge, Ofe nsala, Ofe ora, etc.)
  • Nigerian Sea Food (Oxtail plate, Asun spicy smoked goat meat, Baked tilapia dinner, etc.)
  • You will also find popular national dishes of Nigeria, such as Jollof spaghetti, African salad, Gizdodo, etc.

Cafe Abuja is located at 15015 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX.

6. Wazobia African Kitchen

Wazobia African Kitchen is a wallet-friendly restaurant. Their menu is filled with traditional African foods, mostly Nigeria dishes. However, if you want something different, you can opt for a fusion of meals.

The meals you’ll find on their menu include:

  • Soups and Stew Dishes (Afang soup, Bitter leaf soup, Edikaikong Soup, etc.)
  • Rice and Beans Dishes (Naija style bean porridge, Naija style fried rice, Aganyin beans, etc.)
  • Appetizers (Isi ewu, Nkwobi, Naija style beef roll, etc.)
  • Yam Dishes (Boiled yam and spicy sauce, Asaro, Crunchy fried yam with spicy sauce, etc.)
  • Sides (Oatmeal fufu, Wheatmeal fufu, Bean pudding, etc.)

Wazobia African Kitchen is located Westheimer Road, Suite 160 Houston, TX.

7. Marie African Flavors

Marie African Flavors is a fantastic restaurant if you want to treat yourself to West African meals. They offer foods that span various African ethnic groups. Some of their most popular meals are Fried Chicken Platter, Beef Ndole, Tilapia Plate, Soya, Drum Fish, and Egusi.

This restaurant is located at Ashfordbrook Shopping Center 12600 Bissonnet St Houston, TX, US.

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8. Peli Kitchen

This is one of the top African restaurants in Houston. It is famous for well-prepared South African inspired tacos and other South African fast foods. On their menu, you can get halal meals, as well as kids and elderlies friendly-meals like a boneless chicken. Their meals have a bit of fusion with American foods, though there are still traditional meals like the South African JoBurger and some chicken stew.

On their menu, you will find vegetable noodles with fried tofu, frikadelle, fried calamari, and several other healthy South African meal options you seek.

Peli Kitchen is located at 9090 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77024 United States.

9. Kom Chop

The dining style of this restaurant is exotic, and the foods are every day African meals with some modifications to give it a much better taste. Enjoy your rice with coconut cream or with several other sauces (Stewed sauce, Vegetable soup, Chicken curry sauce, Pepper soup, Egg sauce, Shrimps’ sauce, and the designer stew).

Their menu is very extensive. They also have foods like Jollof rice, Yam pottage, Spaghetti Jollof, etc.

Kom Chop is located at Westheimer Road, Houston, TX.

10. Afrikoko

Afrikoko offers meal from several African countries. You’ll get tasty meals like Ghana’s Waakye and Nigeria’s Ogbono soup. Their meals are all traditional West African foods with great taste.

The restaurant itself is situated in the heart of Houston, at the busy Southwest side of the city, a great place after the day’s work to settle for a meal.

Here are some of the meals you’ll find on their menu are:

  • Soups (Ogbono soup, Goat pepper soup, Palm-nut soup, etc.)
  • Other Dishes (Jollof rice, Omo tuo, Kanke, Waakye, etc.)

This restaurant is located at 9625 Bisssonnet Road in Houston, TX.

African Restaurants in Houston

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are several African restaurants in Houston. You can visit any of them to get your desired African dishes. While we have termed these restaurants as the best, other restaurants may also offer tasty African dishes in Houston, and you may wonder why they are not mentioned here. Kindly note that we have highlighted the best within our reach, and we are sure that you would get fantastic African dishes from these restaurants.

Do you know any other restaurant in Houston that offers tasty traditional African dishes? The comment section is all yours. Let us know!