Top 10 African Restaurants in Los Angeles

There are several African restaurants in Los Angeles. However, if you’re new in this city or perhaps craving for something more unique, you want to ask for recommendations. So, if you’re looking for restaurants that serve unique African foods in Los Angeles, this article will surely be useful.

Based on certain parameters, including meals and the quality of service, this article presents the best restaurants that you can get yummy African meals in this city.

If you’re ready, let’s get right into them!

Best African Restaurants in Los Angeles

Emma Habesha

This is a classic African restaurant in Los Angeles where you do find exquisite Ethiopian meals. They serve several traditional delicacies, such as firfir, dibs, wats, among others. And most of these meals also have variations for vegetarians.

On their menu, you will find specific meals for breakfast, several traditional Ethiopian dishes, vegetarian dishes, and special meals. Some of the special meals are prepared with African and non-African ingredients, and sometimes they are served with cuisines of other countries. If you love to experiment with meals, then these special meals are for you.

This restaurant also offers solo dining for those who love privacy when eating. There is also an outdoor seat arrangement if you love nature.

Emma Habesha is located at 726 N LA Brea Ave, Inglewood, CA.

Sumptuous African Restaurant

This restaurant was opened in 2014 in the southern part of LA. It is an excellent restaurant if you are seeking a casual place to eat. If you crave exotic African foods, you do find them here. The majority of meals on their menu are Nigerian foods. You will find snacks, rice combos, fufu with a variety of ethnic soups, soups sides, and specials on their menu.

Sumptuous African Restaurant is located at 1170 S LA Brea Avenue, Inglewood, CA.


Tagine is an upscale restaurant with a cozy and romantic setting. It is located in Beverly Hills, home to many Hollywood stars. This is a top African restaurant in Los Angeles to visit if you’re looking for traditional Moroccan cuisines.

The meals on their menu are small plates. These meals change seasonally due to the innovative cuisine planning of the restaurant. For vegetarians and pescatarians, they offer a wide selection of meals. You will also find dessert, à la carte, and appetizers on their menu.

If you prefer a fusion of meals, there are several other international cuisines on their menu apart from Moroccan meals. Tagine is located at 132 N Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA.

Banadir Somali Restaurant

Banadir Somali is a highly rated restaurant in Los Angeles. They offer halal meals and several healthy food options—Somali staples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For entrees, they serve rice and chicken with sugar and rice and beef. For breakfast, they serve exotic Somali meals—anjera with lever and anjera with chicken sugar. Quick bites are also offered. You can opt for solo dining if you want some privacy while eating.

This restaurant is situated at 137 Arbor Vitae St, Inglewood, CA.

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Little Ethiopia Restaurant

Little Ethiopia offers authentic and exquisite Ethiopian cuisine. You do find classic Ethiopian cuisine to eat with injera bread. This dish is served the traditional way—no utensils. It is meant to be eaten by hand.

They offer a variety of entrees—vegetarian, chicken, beef and lamb, and fish. They also offer daily favorites that consist of everyday meals eaten in Ethiopia. Other meals you will find on their menu are desserts, soups, and salads. They also offer Ethiopian coffee.

Little Ethiopia restaurant is located at 1048 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA.


Azla is a family-owned casual restaurant that only offers vegan meals. These meals are renditions of Ethiopian cuisine. If you’re a vegetarian, you do find African foods prepared mainly for vegetarians here.

This restaurant is deeply rooted in several Ethiopian beliefs. They offer dinner tables as a means of bringing people together. Also, they uphold the Ethiopian word “Enebla” which is also about bringing people together and nourishing the community on all levels.

On their menu, you will find varieties of Ethiopian hot stews (wots), salads (salata), sides, and drinks prepared by them. Azla is located at 3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles.

Moun of Tunish

Moun of Tunish is a North African Restaurant that offers traditional and contemporary cuisine. The restaurant is designed with North African tapestry and art. It’s an upscale restaurant frequented by celebrities.

On their menu, you will find Tunisian feast, Moroccan feast, Mountain of Tunis special meals, Sahara, tajine, sunset, couscous, and vegetarian meal options. They also offer an extensive collection of imported and domestic wines and beers.

You’ll also find special dishes prepared with Halal meats on their menu, as well as vegetarian and dairy-free meals if you are looking for healthy meal options.

Moun of Tunis is situated at 7445½ Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA.

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The Port of Peri Peri

This restaurant offers several international cuisines. Their African cuisine consists of South African meals. Most of the meals are grilled, especially their chicken, which is the highlight of their grilled meals.

Their star ingredient that gives their meals a signature blend is the bird’s eye chili from the coast of Africa. It is mostly used in their sauces, soups, and some specific meals.

On their menu, you will find their signature chicken, small bites, salads, burger & pitas & wraps, platters, veggies meal, sides, junior, dessert, extras, and beverages.

The majority of their meals are Portuguese cuisine. You can fuse it with their South African cuisine to try something new. The Port of Peri Peri is at 2555 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA.

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant

This restaurant has been in Los Angeles since 1985. They offer Ethiopian cuisine only. They also uphold the “enebla” principle of Ethiopia that means “let’s eat together” as a way of bringing the community together through their meals.

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant is a favorite among the vegan community and also frequented by tourists. On their menu, you will find Messob special meals, vegan meals, side orders, dessert, appetizers, entrees, and signature cocktails.

This restaurant is located at 1041 S Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.

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Rosalind’s Ethiopian Cuisine

Rosalind’s Ethiopian Cuisine is one of the first restaurants in Los Angeles. They offer exotic Ethiopian meals, such as sambusa, kitfo, awaze tibs, and so on. They also have an innovative meal called the Sheba Bowl prepared with traditional Ethiopian flavors but with a contemporary twist.

This restaurant is at 1044 S Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA.

Top African Restaurants in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is home to a lot of Hollywood stars and the second most populous city in the United States. Some of these restaurants are upscale and offer quality service, just as this state is known to appreciate things of high quality.

Ever visited any of these restaurants? Let us know about your experience!