Traditional Ghanaian Foods that Boost Sperm Count

Are they Ghanaian foods that can boost sperm count? If that sounds like you, you want to read this article to the end.

When it comes to procreation, male fertility is the most significant deciding factor. The male sperm must fertilize the female egg before conception can occur.

Men with low sperm count may not be able to fertilize their partner’s egg, leading to conception issues. Smoking and excessive alcohol intake are some unhealthy lifestyles that can cause decreased sperm production.

Also, what you eat and do not eat can affect your sperm count and motility. Therefore, this article covers 5 Ghanaian foods that are useful for boosting sperm count and those that could lead to decreased sperm count when taken in excess. Besides, this resource touches on a few other factors that may cause men infertility.

Let’s start by looking into the key role of foods when in maintaining healthy sperm count.

Food and Nutrients

Foods remain the best source through which our body gets nutrients required for different body organs and essential body functions. And when it comes to fertility, certain nutrients play a role too.

Zinc, for example, is a nutrient that helps in sperm production. Research shows the nutrient to play a role in the production and development of mature spermatozoa. In fact, zinc deficiency is linked with infertility issues, not only in men but also in females.

Nutrients such as folate, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, D-aspartic acid, and L-arginine are some other nutrients that help men build a strong sperm count, volume, and motility.

Now it’s time to consider 5 Ghanaian male fertility foods you can start eating today to jump-start an increased sperm count.

Note that the foods we’ll consider contain substantial to a decent amount of nutrients mentioned above. However, they are effective for men who are struggling with low sperm count.

5 Healthy Ghanaian Foods for Increasing Sperm Count


Ghanaian foods that can boost sperm count
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Akotonshi is often called Ghanaian stuffed crab meat recipe. Although other items such as fresh ginger root, whole cloves, coconut oil, and breadcrumbs reside in the delicacy, crab is the primary ingredient.

Crab is rich in zinc that boosts sperm count and helps with sperm quality.

If you reside in Ghana, you must be familiar with this delicacy. Some often suggest the delicacy is native to the Ga tribe, an ethnic group in Ghana. However, the delicacy is eaten throughout the country. Also, the constituent ingredients can be found easily. For example, you can get your fresh crab from your fishmongers or pick it up in any Ghanaian open market.

Crab is also rich in folate that is required for healthy sperm count. Low folate has been linked with lower sperm densities, damaged sperm DNA, and lower sperm counts.

To up your zinc and folate intake, try incorporating nut, beans, whole wheat grain products, and spinach into your diet. These are also food items you can find anywhere in Ghana.

If you are experiencing low sperm count, including Akotonshi in your diet is one way to enhance your sperm production. You’ll also enjoy other health benefits the food has to offer.

Kontomire Soup

Kontomire Soup
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Also called green-green, Kontomire soup is a flavorful Ghanaian soup prepared from cocoyam leaves, snails, smoked fish, and mushrooms. The cocoyam leaves give the soup its distinct green color.

Cocoyam leaf is an excellent source of vitamin C and folate. As we mentioned earlier, these nutrients are required for healthy sperm count. The soup also pairs well with foods like fufu, rice, and boiled plantains. With different options to choose from, you can use the soup on different diets. At the same time, you’ll enjoy all the fertility-based benefits the soup provides.

Apart from the cocoyam leaves, other ingredients used in the preparation are helpful for sperm health. For example, snails contain Zinc, vitamin B12, and folate.

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Ghanaian Groundnut Stew

Foods in Ghana that make you fat
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This groundnut and chicken stew recipe is made from chicken and peanut. Other constituent ingredients include tomato paste, ginger, fish, and garlic.

The ingredient found in this stew can help with sperm health. Garlic, for example, contains allicin and selenium. Allicin is a compound that protects sperm from damage. It also promotes blood flow to the sperm. Selenium is an antioxidant that improves sperm motility.

You can use the stew to sauce your favorite foods like rice and fufu. By adding this local groundnut stew into your diet, your body will enjoy the fertility boosting nutrients the stew has to offer.

Tuo Zaafi

Tuo Zaafi

Tuo Zaafi is made from corn millet or flour millet. The delicacy is then combined with another two dishes—ayoyo sauce and meat stew.

Millet is rich in folate, vitamin C, and minerals such as selenium. Vitamin C, for example, contributes to the production and development of healthy sperm.

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Banku and Tilapia

Ghana Food

Banku and Tilapia is a local Ghanaian dish. The delicacy prepared from corn dough and cassava dough. The tilapia added to Banku preparation is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and selenium. And these nutrients are required for boosting sperm counts.

In review, all these foods mentioned above are useful in sperm production and for sperm health.

Just as there are foods that can help with men’s fertility, there are also foods that could lead to decreased sperm count. Below we mentioned some of these.

Food that May Decrease Sperm Count

  • High-fat dairy products
  • Soy Products
  • Processed foods

It is important to note that the above foods have a role in nutrition. Taking them in wrong proportions, however, is what makes them bad for male fertility.

Now let’s consider activities and unhealthy lifestyles that could negatively impact sperm count.


Excessive alcohol intake can cause decreased sperm production by lowering testosterone levels. If you’re struggling with low sperm count, you may want to reduce your consumption rate and frequency or quit drinking altogether.

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Job hazards can also cause male infertility. This includes both physical and chemical hazards. Men who are truck drivers may experience fertility issues due to long hours of sitting. Certain occupations might also expose workers to testosterone damaging chemicals.

Above are just some of the reasons that could cause low sperm count, thereby causing fertility issues. If you and your partner cannot conceive a child, it is best to contact a qualified healthcare practitioner. The healthcare specialist should be able to diagnose the underlying cause.

If the cause is male fertility, don’t hesitate to seek medical help. And don’t forget to supplement your treatment with foods that can boost sperm count.